BRC is an established consultancy entirely focused on enterprise markets for cloud and network services, and independent of any product or service providers.

Clients choose BRC when they require a clear and precise market understanding as a secure basis for making critical business decisions.

Many of our projects draw on research into buyer insights, including numbers and metrics as well as attitudes and experiences, which are researched first hand by industry experts and unavailable in other ways. BRC is also known for bringing additional rigour to product comparisons and data analyses, to support greater validation and transparency.

BRC has undertaken more than 350 projects for 100 clients in 40 countries. For more than 25 years we have developed mutually enhancing capabilities:

  • Our accumulated knowledge from hundreds of projects across multiple industry sectors in both national and multinational markets.
  • Our stress-tested strategic framework relating trends in different sectors of networking and IT, and the interactions between them.
  • Long experience of strategy, business development and procurement projects, from both the enterprise buyer viewpoint and the service provider viewpoint.
  • Truly objective research from an independent firm with no supplier relationships or partnerships.

Our detailed industry knowledge gives research respondents confidence that we understand the subtleties of their perspective, so they become more deeply immersed in the topics of our research.

BRC also has a specialism in market fact research on a global scale. Rather than delegate it to junior staff, BRC uses experienced consultants who know the IT and networking industries well, producing reliable factual information, concisely presented.

Please contact us, without obligation, if you are seeking an objective view of which direction to take, which services to choose, or you are a provider seeking new opportunities or growth.