As network technologies mature and many applications move to the cloud even multinational enterprises are changing their buying habits. Many make more use of the internet, which now has business-grade quality in many countries, and modern networks deliver much faster speeds at lower cost. For example it is now possible to buy a 1 Gbit/s synchronous Internet connection in Germany for less than some customers paid for a 10 Mbit/s VPN link a few years ago. SD-WANs can offer flexibility and management simplification, as many SD-WANs offer unifying overlays of network features, such as application prioritisation and network management, across disparate network connections.

Large and Multinational Enterprises can exploit these trends by inviting proposals from leading suppliers to improve quality and cut costs. We can conduct all or part of the RFP process to select the best solution for your needs. As SD-WAN solutions are very different we help clients understand the true differences between them and make the right choices.

Service Providers can increase revenues with innovative offerings as enterprises change buying habits. We help them fully understand the market landscape, engage with more target customers, understand barriers to sales, set the right prices and increase sales win rates. Our reseach into lessons learned by buyers who evaluated network options provides a deeper market understanding.