Revisiting Your International Network Strategy

To help network and IT managers find new ways to control costs, improve application performance or support new working practices we are offering you a FREE report Revisiting Your International Network Strategy.

This report will help you reconsider your global WAN service strategy in the light of recent market trends and lessons learned by buyers who evaluated the latest technologies and services.

It provides information about:

  • How technologies and services are changing, taking a broad view across networks and IT
  • The range of new network options and lessons buyers learned from evaluating them
  • Specialist solutions for accessing cloud applications
  • New factors to consider when defining an international network strategy
  • New considerations for RFPs

The report is based on BRC consultancy experience, and research into the experiences of network buyers in multinational companies headquartered across Europe.

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What is your most difficult challenge arising from developments in wide area network technologies and services?

What market information, not available elsewhere, would help to overcome these challenges?

What would you like to learn from the experiences of network service buyers?

When did you last invite multiple suppliers to bid for a sizeable international network contract, rather than renewing or adjusting an existing contract?


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