Global Network Service Costs: Key Ratios and Benchmarks

If you would like to compare your international network costs with the average amounts that other companies are spending we are pleased to offer you a free report Multinational Network Costs: Key Ratios and Benchmarks

The report will help you decide whether to adjust your approach to international networking.

It will give you a quick benchmark guide to whether you may be spending too much on global MPLS, IP VPN or other WAN services compared to other companies similar to yours.

Graphs and charts use sample data from at least 40 companies, and provide information about:

  • Average spending on international networks by companies of different sizes and geographies

  • Types of WAN services and average network speeds other companies are buying

  • Latest trends in each of these areas

The report is based on BRC’s specialised research into international network services, purchasing and pricing as well as over 20 years benchmarking and consulting experience.

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