Global Network Pricing Report

43 pages, PDF format plus spreadsheet of pricing metrics per route.

The BRC Global Network Pricing report presents average prices negotiated in large international IP VPN contracts and the market drivers behind them. It draws on extensive research across many contracts, and BRC's 10-years experience of IP VPN pricing for top international clients.

The report is entirely supplier-independent and focuses on the outcomes of negotiations involving multiple competing bidders. Knowing price levels and drivers that withstand tough negotiations enables service providers to overcome barriers to selling, and set winning prices in critical sales situations without under-pricing.

The BRC Global Network Pricing report has enabled clients to:

  • Create world-wide price lists that are realistic and include the right margins for negotiation and discounting.
  • Give sales teams confidence that they can win deals at specific price levels.
  • Avoid steep discounting, which undermines customer confidence.
  • Cut numbers of deals requiring individual evaluation by senior executives.

To find the drivers that really matter we monitor dozens of factors – from detailed service characteristics to overall purchasing objectives. The report reveals deeper insights than suggested by simplistic research methods.

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