Cloud Innovations in Enterprise Software – 50 Emerging Globals

To help businesses of all sizes identify practical opportunities to make full use of cloud-based software for business improvement we are offering you a FREE white paper.

Many businesses face huge pressure to adopt more digital technology to stay competitive. At the same time it is harder than ever to stay on top of what is now possible as powerful market drivers have led to the emergence of hundreds of new suppliers of cloud-based software for enterprise end-users.

This paper lists 50 relatively young software vendors with proven capabilities and financing, which balances the need for both inventiveness and dependability. Some of these underpin transformations to digital sales and marketing, while others are fast-to-deploy enablers of remote working, enhanced productivity and commercial flexibility. These can offer game-changing ROI far beyond just shaving costs off the same processes as before.

The white paper contains:

  • An explanation of the market drivers that have led to this expansion, from a business end-user viewpoint
  • Lists of 50 relatively new suppliers of cloud-based software which have received funding to expand internationally, a sign of a tipping point towards mass adoption, split by more than 10 business functions such as marketing and sales, customer service, logistics and transportation, purchasing and SCM, inventory management, accounting and HR
  • Similar information about cloud-based tools (iPaaS) for application integration and API management
  • Lessons learned by adopters, illustrating real returns on investment.

The paper is based on BRC’s consultancy experience and objective research. BRC is wholly independent of any product or service supplier.

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