Cloud Software for Business – An Independent Guide to Predicting True Value

To help you see where contemporary world-class software could benefit your business, and quantify its likely value, we are offering you a FREE white paper.

Many businesses face huge pressure to adopt more digital technology to stay competitive. At the same time the emergence of thousands of new enterprise software tools has made it harder than ever to stay on top of what is now possible. And now we have the added challenges of more remote working from home and various other new digital interactions. Remaining static is no longer an option.

The paper contains the information needed to look across an entire business, see where it may be falling behind, and match greatest opportunities to the capabilities of available software.

BRC has combed the market to identify vendors offering software for end users in 10 business functions such as sales and marketing, customer service and purchasing, and which demonstrate the right mix of inventiveness and dependability. We also reviewed the value that vendors emphasise from actual customer implementation experiences to derive metrics for quantifying potential returns in other situations.

The paper contents include:

  • Tables of measured improvements in different business functions. Examples are reducing average sales cycle times from 6 to 2 weeks, increasing repeat store visits by 23% and increasing order fill rates by 20%. Each of these would bring a £20m business gains of around £1m – one-time or annually – assuming typical product types and work-in-progress.
  • Background to the wider value of cloud-based software
  • How to identify your company’s biggest opportunities
  • The risks to consider and how best to proceed.

The vendors considered come from BRC's independently researched list of 50 relatively young software vendors with proven capabilities and financing. As they focus on software for end users they directly impact a business and its digital transformation.

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