Accessing Cloud Applications for Multinational Companies

As companies buy more applications in the form of cloud services we are pleased to offer you a complimentary report about the options available from top international service providers.

It focuses on service providers relevant to multinational companies - those offering access to most enterprise-grade cloud applications around the world from networks with greatest international reach.

The report will enable you to review your international networking options from the perspective of accessing cloud applications. It describes the different ways service providers link to cloud applications, the network capabilities needed for accessing cloud applications, and how service providers aim to deliver these capabilities.

The report contains information about:

  • Synergies between networks and cloud applications
  • Strategic directions of top providers
  • Application (SaaS) partners of each provider
  • Portals for orchestrating cloud applications
  • Use of SDN/NFV for network flexibility
  • Technologies to enhance end user experience
  • Where to connect to each application

Many of the providers covered, such as BT and Orange, have network backgrounds. Others, such as Equinix and IBM, have backgrounds in data centres or IT.

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